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Langen Foundation (2004)
Raketenstation Hombroich 1  Plattegrond via Google
D-41472 Neuss, Deutschland
T +49-218257010
ma t/m zo 10.00-18.00
entree € 7,50

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Vlakbij ligt het Insel Hombroich.
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Harmoniously embedded in the landscape, the Langen Foundation presents itself as a complex of fair-faced concrete, glass and steel surrounded by earthworks. Through a broad concrete arch, the way leads along cherry trees and past an artificial pond to two joined complexes of buildings which differ from each other architecturally: a long concrete structure surrounded by a mantle of glass and, at an angle of 45 degrees, two concrete bars built parallel to one another. These latter two buildings are buried six metres deep in the earth and protrude only 3.45 metres above it. The 8 metres room height can only be experienced from within the building. Between the two tracts leads the “Grand Stair” like a ladder to heaven from the depths back into nature.

Slabs of concrete in the format of Japanese tatami mats, the famous "concrete like silk", long stairs, ramps and light slits characterize also this new building from Tadao Ando. The entire complex is a masterpiece of lines, a fascinating interplay between the interior and the exterior, art and nature, massiveness and lightness. Reflections in the glass skin and the water of the pond dissolve borders and communicate an impression of weightlessness.
Beside the exhibition the collection is accessible for any general academic research.

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