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Bergen Art Museum is one of the largest art museums in Scandinavia, and offers magnificent art from the 15th century to contemporary art in three buildings along the Lille Lungegňrdsvann. Lysverket opened entirely in November and offers art from the oldest part of our collection, Russian and greek icons from the 15th century to contemporary art, displayed over three floors. The next door building, the Rasmus Meyer Collection, display many of Edvard Munch masterpieces, as well as works by the leading representatives for Norwegian art in the 18th and 19th centuries. The Stenersen Collection is at the moment displayed in an exhibition of the 20th century art in Lysverket, while the entire Stenersen building is being used for our temporary exhibitions.

Stenersen Collection
The main body of the Bergen Art Museum's modern art collection is found here. The Stenersen Collection consists mainly of Norwegian and international modern art from the twentieth-century. Here we find Northern Europe's most extensive collection of Paul Klee, but also well-known works by Pablo Picasso. The collection also provides a view of Norwegian modernistic art, of which the two key Norwegians Jacob Weidemann and Gunnar S. Gundersen are represented with several well-chosen works. The businessman and art collector Rolf Stenersen gave these works of art to the City of Bergen in 1971, yet the collection is steadily expanding through new acquisitions.
The Stenersen Collection is temporarily dismantled to make room for the exhibitions Just Love Me and Arne Malmedal - Works 1968- 2003 . A new selection of works is in stead on show in Lysverket, where it can be seen in a wider art historical context.

Rasmus Meyer Collections
The Rasmus Meyer Collections contains main works of Norwegian art history from the eighteenth-century up to 1915. Several of Edvard Munch's well-known masterpieces such as Jealousy, The Woman in Three Stages and Melancholy are found here. The magnificent National Romantic paintings of J. C. Dahl are also represented in the collection. Other notable artists are Nikolai Astrup, with his unique depiction of the Western Norwegian landscape, and the beautiful interior paintings of Harriet Backer. Both these artists are seminal representatives of Norwegian art in the transitional period from the nineteenth to the twentieth-century. The decorated Blumenthal room (ceiling and wall painting) from the eighteenth-century is also considered as one of the collection's historical treasures. The heirs of Rasmus Meyer donated the collection to the municipality of Bergen in 1916.

Koos Breukel: Generation - portraits
15/10/2004 - 12/12/2004
Jane & Louise Wilson
15/10/2004 - 12/12/2004
Japanese Colour Woodblock Prints
30/9/2004 - 20/3/2005
Fischli & Weiss: Big and Small Questions
2/7/2004 - 3/10/2004
Mikkel McAlinden
1/4/2004 - 20/6/2004
Art from private collections
12/2/2004 - 30/9/2004

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