RafaŽl Rozendaal  (1980)  

Geboren in Amsterdam.


BYOB: Games, curated by Paul Slocum, Postmasters Gallery, NYC
New Information, Nordin Gallery, Stockholm (solo)
In Motion, curated by Jiminie Ha, With Project Space, NYC (solo)
Extimacy, curated by Pier Giorgio De Pinto, CACT, Lugano, Switzerland
BYOB Amsterdam, W139 (curator)
BYOB Tokyo, curated by Yosuke Kurita, Tokyo
The Shift, curated by Tim Voss, W139, Amsterdam (solo)
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BYOB Venezia, Venice Biennial, Venezia (curator)
To Walk The Night, Gloria Maria Gallery, Milan (solo)
File Festival, Rio de Janeiro
Rhizome at the Armory, curated by Lauren Cornell, New York
BYOB Paris, curated by Nicolas Maigret, Paris
BYOB London, curated by Kernel, London
Rojo Nova Festival, curated by David Quiles Guillů, Rio de Janeiro
DLD Conference, curated by Johannes Fricke, Munchen Germany

Speedshow/PeepShow, Curated by Hitomi Hasegawa, Hong Kong
BYOB NYC, Spencer Brownstone Gallery, New York (curator)
Bal Jaune Ricard, curated by Claire Staebler, Paris
BYOB Athens, curated by Angelo Plessas, Kunsthalle Athena
Thank You Very Much, Future Gallery, Berlin (solo)
Perfect Vacuum, curated by Johanna Bergmark, Galeri Pictura, Sweden (solo)
Speedshow, curated by Aram Bartholl, Amsterdam
Happy is a place, curated by Violeta SolŪs Horcasitas, Mexico City
Taipei Art Fair with TSCA, Taiwan
BYOB (bring your own beamer), Berlin (curated w Anne de Vries)
Yes For Sure, curated by Petra Heck, NIMk, Amsterdam (solo)
Binary Code View, The Agency, London
Broken Self, Spencer Brownstone gallery, New York (solo)
Volta art fair, New York (solo)
Kunsthalle Athena, curated by Marina Fokidis, Athens
Multiplex, curated by Vvork, Munich
PreferirŪa (si) Hacerlo, Bogota, Colombia
Texture Maps, curated by Eelco van der Lingen, Nest, The Hague
Circa art fair, Preteen gallery, Puerto Rico
Better Brain: Projected Manifestations of Futurity, Future Gallery, Berlin
Donít worry, be happy!, curated by Gerben Willers, Mama, Rotterdam
Iím good, TSCA, Tokyo (solo)

The Last Session, curated by Jan van Woensel, Amsterdam
AFK sculpture park (away from keyboard), curated by aids-3D, Berlin
Afficha Festival, curated by Roman Mazurenko, Moscow
Biennale di Venezia, Padiglione Internet, curated by Miltos Manetas and Jan Aman, Venice
The New Easy, curated by Lars Eijssen, Art News, Berlin
Really Really Big, NP3, Groningen (solo)
Are you sure you are you?, Spencer Brownstone Gallery, NYC
101 art fair project room, curated by Kosuke Fujitaka, Tokyo
Straylight Cavern, Cell Project Space, London
The Real Thing, MU art foundation, curated by vvork, Eindhoven

Love Delirium, Kunstraum Niederoesterreich, Vienna
FILE, S„o Paolo, Brasil
Rhizome commissions, New Museum, New York
Point of no Return, curated by Caroline Hancock, Rubicon Gallery, Dublin
The Long Cigarette, 11, Amsterdam
Webcra.sh, curated by Jodi, Pictura, Dordrecht

Flaming Log, Carmelitas Gallery, Barcelona (solo)
Dazed & Confused vs. Andy Warhol, curated by Jerome Sans, Baltic Mill, England
Piece by Piece, curated by Marti Peran, Galeria dels Angels, Barcelona (solo)
Existential Computing, Hayward Gallery, London
Much Better Than This, Horsecross, Perth

Neen Evening, Amsterdam
Unlike the Rest, Liquid Room, Tokyo Japan
Neen Demo curated by Angelo Plessas, Benaki Museum, Athens
RAI art fair, GMVZ, Amsterdam
SMCS op 11, curated by Jelle Bouwhuis, Amsterdam (solo)
Superneen, Galleria Pack, Milan
ARCO with Galeria Dels Angels, Madrid, Spain
Inside Out, fondsbkvb, Amsterdam

Loop of Neen, Loop Festival, Barcelona
Bienal de Valencia, curated by Franck Gautherot and Seung-duk Kim, Spain
Sonar Festival, Barcelona
Neen Season, Sketch, London (solo)
It Will Never be the Same, curated by Claude Closky, le Magasin, Grenoble, France

Neen Porn, Galeria dels Angels, Barcelona
It Will Never be the Same, quarantine, Amsterdam (solo)
New Masters of Universe, curated by Wonil Rhee, Moca Taipei, Taiwan
NeenToday, MU art foundation, eindhoven, the netherlands (curator)
New Rafael, M+R Gallery, London (solo)
I am Very Very Sorry, gallery mvz, Amsterdam

Afterneen, casco, Utrecht, Netherlands
Neen World, vilette numerique, Paris
WhitneyBiennial.com, New York
White Trash, electronic orphanage, Los Angeles (solo)

Biennale.net, deitch projects, New York
Tirana Biennale, Tirana Albania

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